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Greek Gastronomy on its best

Along with the precious help of architects and a pretty well chosen team, Alfa Expo is creating every year a new construction influenced by special Greek regions, our Traditional Village which includes the Traditional Shop (our exhibition’s kitchen) the Traditional Café (where beverages & drinks are served for free) and the square (where the folklore shows are being held)

You are welcome to “taste” Greece in our hospitable Traditional Greek Neighborhood.

In the Traditional Greek Neighborhood:

• Visitors can taste special food cooked on time by famous chefs

• One can taste Greek beverages, coffee, distillates and juices freshly made.

• You can experience the Greek Culture with the folklore shows


All the products presented in Ellados Gefsi exhibition are made in Greece In “Ellados Gefsi” we present anything that’s made in Greece regarding food, drinks & entrepreneurship.


Food- Drinks-Bakery – Pastry- Traditional Food Catering, Dairy & Cheese Products, Olive Oil, Cold Cooked & processed meats, fresh & salted fish, food raw materials, Fresh Nuts, Greek Bio Products, Dried Fruits, Vegetables & Fruits, Food unions, sealed can food, wine, beverages, alcohol drinks, juices etc.